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BMS ep. 192: Extending AnCap Analysis for Vaccine Passports, Court Rulings, and Desegregation

In this episode, I use a February discussion between Dave Smith and Michael Malice as the springboard for my thoughts on diverse topics. On some issues I am just extending what Dave/Malice said, but on others I disagree with them.

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Carbon Tax vs. “Putting a Price on Carbon”

My latest at IER. (See David R. Henderson’s follow-up regarding Gordon, which is amazing because I realize I shouldn’t have given Gordon the benefit of the doubt. I made a better case for him in my IER piece, than he did when responding to David.) I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but apropos […]

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A Video Offering Constructive Criticism of Gary Johnson

I feel that I’ve lost my objectivity when it comes to Gary Johnson, and so I’m only going to share this here (as opposed to social media). Incidentally, see if you can pass the Turing Test on me: How did I react around 1:05? BTW, the stuff about Muslim immigrants and what they did in […]

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