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Notes on Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem

Someone ran across my CV and asked me if I could send anything I’d written on game theory. So I dug up my class notes (for an undergrad class at Hillsdale) on Kenneth Arrow’s famous “Impossibility Theorem” regarding social choice. I haven’t looked at these in 7 years, so I hope they’re right: ============= NOTES […]

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Eat My Shorts, Landsburg

Steve Landsburg has started a new series called “D’oh,” in homage to Homer Simpson. Steve explains: When something is wrong on the Internet, bloggers love to pounce. But since no blogger is infallible, most of us can find ample fodder in our own past writing, if we go back and reread it with a sufficiently […]

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Love Your Enemies

I think David R. Henderson is great, especially on tough-guy issues of war, but I think even he doesn’t go far enough in this piece, “What Game Theory Can Tell Us About Terrorism”: In December 1996, I took this other-person’s-shoes approach with a group of Defense Department officials when I commented on a paper by […]

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