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What Would a Reality-Based Economist Say?

Brad DeLong reproduces the below chart from Mark Thoma: Neither of them offers commentary, but I’m assuming they would say, “See? We need more stimulus, duh. What more evidence will it take?” But of course, someone like me would look at that and say, “Suppose we overlaid deficit-spending and growth in the Fed’s balance sheet. […]

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Crazy Economists

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve gone into the wrong line of work. Maybe I should’ve stuck to theoretical physics back when I thought Richard Feynman was the coolest guy ever. Mario Rizzo blogs about not tipping NYC cab drivers. I actually think tipping is a good custom. However, I think we should cut Mario some […]

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It Takes Time for Things to Sink In, Even in the Geeconosphere

Paul Krugman is a moody bully, lashing out at people who mispronounce his name. (I’m not saying he officially gives that as the reason, but I really do think he starts blowing people up on his blog after they mispronounce his name.) Greg Mankiw, on the other hand, is far more subtle. Ever since it […]

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