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==> The latest Contra Krugman tackles Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). ==> Wendy McElroy writes about privacy and the (modern) connection to cryptocurrencies. ==> A few people on Twitter were giving me a high-five for my old article on trade deficits and fiat currency. I re-read it and thought, “I agree. That *was* a good article.” […]

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I Push Back Against the Anti-Mercantilists

Don’t worry kids, I’m not angling for a spot in the Trump Administration. But lately I’ve been uncomfortable with some of the standard rhetoric “my side” puts out, regarding free trade and in particular in their critiques of mercantilism. From p. 279 of Larry White’s (excellent) book The Clash of Economic Ideas, we have this quote […]

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The Specific Inefficiency Emanating From the Export-Import Bank

In response to one of his critics–who said Don was being naive for ignoring the reality of the “trade war” the US has with China–Don Boudreaux wrote the following: With respect, what you (and many others) call a trade war is quite the opposite of war. It’s peaceful trade. And through such trade we Americans […]

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