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Why Dean Baker and Paul Krugman Were Wrong on the Debt Burden for At Least 11 Months

By this point, those of you who have been reading Free Advice should understand exactly what Don Boudreaux and Nick Rowe were saying, when Dean Baker and then Paul Krugman last year first started up the Great Debt Debate. What is still extremely interesting to me personally, is how many economics bloggers have concluded that […]

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Quotable Quote on Debt Burdens

It really clicked for me when I summarized my Freeman article this way: If an imperialist government paid for popular spending programs by levying a tax not on its own citizens but on a conquered land, the scheme would of course be a gigantic theft working across space and through the currency markets. Deficit finance […]

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Debt Burden: Old Murphy vs. Young Murphy

Just to warn you, kids, there are at least another 3 posts in me on this topic. But it’s all new stuff. It’s kind of like every time they came out with a new Matrix: It wasn’t nearly as exciting as the first one you viewed, but you had to keep watching to the bitter […]

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