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But the Progressives Told Us Abenomics Would Be Good for Japan

Chris S. gave me the idea for my latest post at Mises Canada, by pointing out that Japan’s Cabinet just approved another “stimulus” package to help its faltering economic recovery. Chris reminded me that earlier in the year Krugman had held up Japan’s “Abenomics” as a model for US deficit hawks to follow. As I […]

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Even When I (Sorta) Agree With Him, Dean Baker Gives Me the Creeps

In terms of the underlying policy stance, I think I agree with Dean Baker in this post about immigration restrictions on foreign doctors. (HT2 Chris Rossini at EPJ) But holy cow does this give anybody else the creeps? We have deliberately changed immigration rules and standards to make it easier for foreign computer engineers, nurses, […]

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Dean Baker vs. Dean Baker on Government Debt and Interest Rates

On Monday Dean Baker was upset that Robert Samuelson thought the two-decade Japanese experiment in stimulus policies should somehow be taken as a warning note against stimulus policies. Baker wrote: Whether Japan’s debt is “excessive” can be debated, but it certainly does not have an excessive interest burden. Its interest burden is currently around 1.0 […]

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