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==> Not sure if I even mentioned it here, because the main event sold out…but anyway I will be at the “Anarchy in the NYC” event this Saturday. Afterward there is a karaoke party hosted by Tatiana Moroz, but you need a ticket to get in. (I am now calling myself a professional singer for […]

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Bitcoin From an Austro-Libertarian Perspective, Part I

[NOTE: If my memory is right, two or three years ago Chris Brunner encouraged me to write an article on Bitcoin since it was getting popular. I started an article, intending Chris and Silas Barta to be co-authors, since both of them had expertise in certain areas (Chris from a network / commercial point of […]

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Bitcoin Crash in Real Time

This is kind of neat, though I have to disagree when the guy at one point says, “This is the biggest story of all time.” (And he’s not saying it tongue-in-cheek.) I got the link from Justin Ptak’s blog post over at Mises. I gather from the comments that Justin has been critical of Bitcoin. […]

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